Radio song

i am going to be back on the airwaves over at kwur starting tomorrow night. for those of you who were classmates of mine at washington university, you don't need to mention how strange it is that i'm still doing a show. i realize fully that it's weird.

anyway, my show is sunday nights from 10 pm until midnight central time. you can listen on the web from the website above, or you can move to st. louis (specifically within a few miles of campus) and listen on the airwaves, as god and the fcc intended.

i have so much stuff i want to play...

a different shade of posting around here.

my grandmother passed away yesterday morning.

yes, i'm sad. of course i'm sad. her death hasn't struck me quite as much as when her husband passed away about five years ago, but i think the main reason for that is that she's been in bad shape pretty much ever since then. but i'm still shaken.

then, to add a bit of insult to injury, i don't know how i'm going to make it to the funeral, which is thursday morning. the cheapest plane fare i can find is almost $400. greyhound doesn't have a timetable that will work out. amtrak is inexplicably booked up. rental cars, due to all manner of weird rules and regulations, will end up costing about $250, not including gas.

so i'm probably going to end up needing to drive my own car. my car (which, coincidentally, used to belong to the aforementioned grandfather) is really not in very good shape, needing new brakes and coil packs (the things that tell the spark plugs when to fire...don't worry, i didn't know either), not to mention random things like a new headlight and an oil change. in other words, to put my car into tip-top shape, we're talking about $800 in repairs. and that's probably a low estimate.

so now i'm wondering whether to try to get some repairs made (keep in mind, they have to be done in a day and a half), or try to make the 380-mile trip (one way) to wisconsin without said repairs. i'm about 75% sure it'll make the trip, but who knows?