The front porch

my favorite story to tell about my grandparents is one that i didn't even know about until my grandfather's funeral in 1997. both of my grandparents, as well as their parents, were very religious for the entire lives. my grandfather, holding on to deep roots in eastern europe, belonged to the serbian orthodox church. my grandmother and her family were catholic.

you can probably see where this is going. when they began dating, my great-grandparents were none to pleased to find out that their child was dating someone of a different faith. considering how closely my grandparents held their religious beliefs, i can only imagine what their parents were like.

anyway, after dating for a while, they realized how much they loved each other and decided to get married. and, in a move that removed him from speaking terms with his parents for years, my grandfather converted to catholicism so he could be with my grandmother.

i always get a dumb smile on my face whenever i tell that story.

what is now the country.

a couple of quick things:

did you know that jack hanna (you know, the guy who does the animal show, but isn't australian) has a daughter named kathleen? i did not, but his animal planet was on just a short while ago, and i had to watch and make sure that ex-bikini kill and current le tigre raconteur kathleen hanna was not his daughter. that would have been weird. and no, she isn't.

i'm upset with pitchfork. i was looking around, and saw the headline "john vanderslice annouces 40-date tour with spoon, d-plan, mountain goats." images of traveling around the country, watching three fantastic bands (the last three) and one that i'm growing to enjoy (the first) night after night after night. hell, i was just imagining the mountain goats and the dismemberment plan sharing a stage. maybe travis and john would do a duet, causing me to quite possibly lose consciousness for some time! but it was all for nothing, as vanderslice is touring with spoon, then with the dismemberment plan, then with the mountain goats. well that just changes everything. screw you, pitchfork, for putting stars in my eyes, then callously extinguishing them without a second thought.

one more thing about that--all three sections of the tour pass through new york city and through cleveland (?!?). but--that's right--all three are not coming to st. louis.

according to this (link from kate), the strokes are charging forty-five dollars for their show in toronto on 9 october. this is more than oasis, mercury rev, sloan, or frickin' bob dylan charged in the same city. and a confidential to vasant--it's just so damn easy to find stuff about the strokes that pisses me off. that's why i do this.

for those people searching on google for pictures of julian casablancas, please stop. go down to your local methadone clinic, and you might find a guy who looks remarkably like him.