Pardon the dust

updates have been sporadic at best around here lately. i realize and take full responsibility for that. keep in mind, though, that i've been spending some time lately trying to get a new site design together. so, assuming that i start feeling a bit of motivation, there will be new eye candy around here sometime in the next week or so.

and yes, this probably means that i'll be spending at least part of my birthday working on a web page. if that didn't make me a dork, i don't know what will.

what follows is some good signs brought around the time of my birthday:

the weather begins to cool down, beginning the slow but steady process that will ultimately result in sweatshirts and windbreakers.

season premieres on television. this is sad to note, i'm sure, but at least i'm not stuck watching any more reruns for a while. (and the gilmore girls premiere is on my birthday...)

oh, and i didn't mention this before, but i'm now screwed. as of october 1st, it will be illegal for me to drive my car. the short version of the story is that the car needs $1200 in repairs just to make it pass the missouri safety inspection, and considering how the car is only worth $410 (kelly blue book value), it just doesn't seem worth it (or financially possible) to get those repairs made. so my fears have been realized--in a couple of weeks, i'll become good friends with the mass transit in st. louis again. and since the mass transit in st. louis is a forgetful friend prone to impotence and uselessness, i repeat the statement that i'm screwed.

so if anyone wants to buy me a car for my birthday, feel free. i'll become your manservant, if you wish. but you'd have to live in st. louis for my services to be at all useful. keep that in mind.