Happy birthday to me

i do believe that i managed to build my birthday up to myself, despite the fact that i haven't done anything interesting for my birthday since 1999 when i happened to be in new york at the exact moment that my biological clock snuck forward a little bit further. i walked into brownie's at 12:05 am, reassured the doorman that it was officially the 17th and that i was allowed in, bought myself a beer, drank it, and left. i was short on money at the time.

but yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is my birthday. i'm planning on maybe going out to eat somewhere (because eating tomato soup on your birthday is a little sad), maybe pick up a cake or something, and waste my day away. it's the only way to do it.

can you tell that my family has never been big on holidays? because we aren't. at all.

and the rain falls down without my help, i'm afraid

and my lawn gets wet, though i've withheld my consent

when this grey world crumbles like a cake

i'll be hanging from the hope

that i'll never see that recipe again.